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Acrylic Sealing

Acrylic Sealing

An acrylic sealer (acrylic plastic dissolved in xylene, for example) is a solvent based sealer for surfaces like paving stones, natural stone and tile that binds and seals the surface micropores adding tremendous wealth and protection against mold, sun and oil.

Riteway Pressure Washing offers professional acrylic sealing services, whether it’s gloss, semi-gloss or satin. With acrylic sealing you can restore your sidewalk or patio and bring their shine back. Acrylic sealing can also help maintain the brightness of shingles on your roof, all you need to do is give us a call!

Look-out for the Following on Acrylic Sealing:

  • Never let someone put acrylic sealing on a surface that hasn’t been pressure washed.
  • Make sure your surface is dry. Don’t allow someone to pressure wash and seal on the same day.
  • Request to have your roof tiles sealed. This is highly beneficial as it slows down the growth of mold.

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